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Anti virus installation

Although most viruses out there are made to target a Windows based operating system, it is still a good idea to scan your system from time to time. This will prevent you from accidentally infecting a system you share files with.

We recommend Clam-AV, to install it open your terminal emulator  and run the following commands:

You should now find ClamTk (the graphic interface for ClamAv) in your programs menu under accessories as seen in the picture to left.

You can of course run ClamAv from your terminal emulator by typing the following command:

sudo clamscan in your chosen directory. To update the application simply enter: sudo freshclam.

To use WINE to install a Windows based program
1st download the .exe file for the application you want.
Next you should make a separate directory in your Home folder, prepare the directory for use then install using the following example below as a guide. Of course substitute your username and name of the .exe you have chosen. 

You should now see your installed application under WINE/Programs in your menu as seen on the left.

You can adjust and fine tune the settings for your WINE prefix using WINETRICKS.

To use WINETRICKS specify the WINE prefix(directory) you want to work on using the following example

-$ WINEPREFIX="/home/ray/tagscanner" winetricks

For more details on using WINE visit the WINE project home page using the "WINE" link on the left side of this page.

Below you find some links that may be useful as you get acquainted with Albatross-X.